What about French elearning trends?

Posted on March 15, 2011


Very interesting conferences at the eLearning Expo 2011 this year.

Quite some people attended the conference about content needs and approches, same for the serious games one. Presenters were covering the various customers needs and the discussion about barriers towards elearning deployment were interesting.

It looks like the major barriers are “human”, learners are more and more asking for elearning possibilities and blended learning. The challenges seems to be in the human ressources departement accompaniment in managing those new projects (more like IT projects than usual HR projects) and the IT ressources enabling deployment of those digital solutions. Some barrier also in the teachers, their jobs is evolving a lot towards tutoring, expertise and this also needs accompaniment.

Some interesting figures on the market were given by Fefaur : elearning French market is very small (about 150M€ , ie less than 1%) in comparison with the total professional training market, serious games market is just emerging;

Why our elearning level still below other european countries: probably related to our education approach as well : US, UK and Spanish market are very different.In those countries it becomes normal to get trained by elearning sessions, evaluation/exams after training are also very common.

Still some opportunities for changes & learning ….

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