Why software industry needs soft skills training?

Posted on June 15, 2011


I want to share some thoughts about software development and offshoring.

I had the opportunity to help a customer in his difficulty with his webagency, the later being focussed on its offshoring, costs, payments , not really on delivering and managing.

I measured how some people tend to forget about efficiency, effectiveness and competences management. In software industry more than ever where we deliver immaterial, management of people and projects is a key factor of success anf it should be everyday attention point, training focus of those companies. Instead when one prefers to spend money in finding the lowest cost offshoring teams, put in place intermediate managers , lots of interfaces , but spend hours with customer hearing its complaints , delay projects delivery month after month…. he should ask himself whether the objectives and organisation are set correctly ? Customer intimacy and business intelligence are key to success, project methodology & management as well and when you forget about them, you loose soon or later both your teams and your customer.

We put in place some scrum and agile, iterative project management approaches, reviewed teams and progress step by step towards success and more confidence, still very fragile. It takes time to reinstall trust and confidence.

It has been years since these issues are difficulties encountered in the software industry, and apparently still very difficult for some companies to overcome them …and I would be delighted to hear and share about key success criteria in those areas.

The story is not yet finished and it is already great moment of emotional and learnings , put I (re)learn how much project and people management are key to success and I am eager to put in place a training to help those who suffer this situation and would like to change.

More to come …. as an offer some inspiring picture of the tennis season, a great moment of dedication and performance of those super men an women !

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