Best wishes for 2012

Posted on January 15, 2012


Best wishes for this new year , all the best for your business and families.

Quite some news since last post : EDIVISTA is growing, we have made last december a very important partnership with an e-learning company similar to us, SYNAKENE.

Our global offering is evolving a lot and we are now able to offer our customers both the e-training engineering and services to mediatize their training content and approach.

Our approach is to study what a company need to evolve their training catalog into a 2.0 catalog: we define which level of blended learning, e-learning, tracking is necessary to grow learners while being efficient in the learning process.

This is necessary because training and learning nowadays has changed and spending 3 days in an hotel far away for a course is no more what both learners expect and company are wiling to pay : efficiency, preparation and evaluation are becoming common practices.

Learners are also willing to show into their CV or portfolio which competences they grew …for employability reasons.

We, now, can offer content on several media & supports in an efficient way, we can organise synchronized class-rooms,  give access to an simple LMS and  propose tools to monitor personnel annual results and objectives.

Our team grew as well : a new comer Suzana on multimedia scenarisation, and experienced people in the Synakene team.

More to come in 2012.



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